Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose your own adventure.

         In my english class we wrote a story it was call ''choose your own adventure'' it is called DIRT.  It is about country people and city slickers. They are war. It is really fun you should read it. You will really enjoy it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


                                                                   by Sam

                     I want to move to Alaska. I want to move to the forest and have my own homestead. There isn't a specific place all i want is a big peace of land. I would hunt and fish for food. That would be perfect for me. 
I will hunt moose bear deer. The best hunt will be slingshot squirrels and bbq them. I will hunt rabbit and other game. I will hunt from a blind. i will have a small hunting cabin to stay warm at night. 
I will find my own special fishing hole. I will fish from a boat or from the bank. I am gonna get deep sea rods. Im not a huge fish fan but i will eat it anyways. I would eat haring, salmon and a few others. 
Homesteading will be the best way to live there. You will have to work really hard. You will need to hay feed cows move cows feed the chickens fix stuff and ect. the hardest part would be the winter trying to stay warm you need a lot of wood. You have to keep the fire running all winter long. 

That is why you should move to Alaska. I told you plenty of great reasons why you should move to Alaska. If you want the perfect place to live move to Alaska! 

Friday, November 14, 2014


Freedom to me is the wars we have fought, the fallen troop, and the right to bear arms. Freedom is the right to bear arms, fallen troops sighn, the wars we have fought. 

The fallen troops sighn is the solders gun with the helmet on top and the boots on the ground. It represents the place were the troop died. It is to honor the troop while they are still battling. 
Rigt to bear arms Is the rift to bear firearms. You may own all the guns you want. I have About 10 guns. They are different cals. I think guns are for country people not city slicers. That is the second thing of freedom.

The wars we have fought. It has helped us learn about the war the protects our freedom. The freedom we have is from the troops. They fight for our freedom. They protect us with there lives that is the coolest thing ever.
Freedom to me is the war the right to bear arms and the fallen troop sign.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Feast

Sam s
As me and my friends walk to the Hall we smell the delouse food . We cant wait to eat we have not ate for two days so that way we can stuff ourselves. When we get to the room we see games and ghosts and food oh the food I start to drool. 
I start to go sit down then a ghost starts to talk to me i walk away cause i’m hungry and i ready to eat ribs,pork,steak,fish,fries,burgers,shakes,and pop I'm so ready to dig in. I start to eat then we get desert lemonade, salad, cookies, brownies, and pie,
And hour or so later we go play quitige i won of course i even beat Harry Potter and he is the best ever. Then we play ping bong and listened to music and had the sickest party ever i’m mean food dance drinks everything a party need even a pool. And then i blacked out I woke up at home I drank to much pop and to much food i was in a party coma. I was lucky to live, Hagrid 
healed me with some magic.
So then I went back to Hogwarts then we had another party but this time I didn't get in a coma si that was a big plus. We ended up playing quidige for hours i won again what else is new. I think this is were I Will spend all my halloweens cause the food pop games people it was all good. 
Thanks for reading the best story ever. Well the best story I've ever wrote but that not the point bye. Although it was a super good story but that doesn’t matter now this is the real bye, last bye but it might qualify as the best story ever good bye. But I think it is the best story you tell me in the  comment tell me if it is or not good bye.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My personal brand

Three things I learned by doing this project are: I like to sleep eat and hunt. Im good at those things. Im not good at making videos.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The dot means nothing I had to do it cause it was work asigned to me...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sam Storjohann
English    7                                                    

         Unforgettable school day
It was a warm day in fifth grade. Me and some friends we playing basketball.All the sudden i was in a head lock. Me and a kid starred to argue and argue so we starred to fight. Me and my friend started to fight  and the kid grabbed on to me.
Thats when i hit him in the head and broke my hand. I hit him so hard i broke my hand. I didn't get my cast till  two days later. I had to wear a splint cause my hand was so swollen. I wore the splint for about a week and a half.
I told everyone that I had hit my hand on the wall when I fell down. I got in big trouble when the found out that i paunched him. I think that he was in just as much pain as I was. I had to wear the cast For I think  six weeks or seven I don't know.
I wish I had hit him with my left hand cause my right had a cast on it so it was real hard to write. I will not hit people so hard that i break my hand ever again mainly cause it hurt so bad. I will still hit people  just not so hard that i break my hand.

I think i learned that i can hit people so hard its bad for me. And that I will get in trouble if I hit people.I should be nice to people but i hate to be nice.