Friday, October 17, 2014

The Feast

Sam s
As me and my friends walk to the Hall we smell the delouse food . We cant wait to eat we have not ate for two days so that way we can stuff ourselves. When we get to the room we see games and ghosts and food oh the food I start to drool. 
I start to go sit down then a ghost starts to talk to me i walk away cause i’m hungry and i ready to eat ribs,pork,steak,fish,fries,burgers,shakes,and pop I'm so ready to dig in. I start to eat then we get desert lemonade, salad, cookies, brownies, and pie,
And hour or so later we go play quitige i won of course i even beat Harry Potter and he is the best ever. Then we play ping bong and listened to music and had the sickest party ever i’m mean food dance drinks everything a party need even a pool. And then i blacked out I woke up at home I drank to much pop and to much food i was in a party coma. I was lucky to live, Hagrid 
healed me with some magic.
So then I went back to Hogwarts then we had another party but this time I didn't get in a coma si that was a big plus. We ended up playing quidige for hours i won again what else is new. I think this is were I Will spend all my halloweens cause the food pop games people it was all good. 
Thanks for reading the best story ever. Well the best story I've ever wrote but that not the point bye. Although it was a super good story but that doesn’t matter now this is the real bye, last bye but it might qualify as the best story ever good bye. But I think it is the best story you tell me in the  comment tell me if it is or not good bye.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My personal brand

Three things I learned by doing this project are: I like to sleep eat and hunt. Im good at those things. Im not good at making videos.