Friday, November 14, 2014


Freedom to me is the wars we have fought, the fallen troop, and the right to bear arms. Freedom is the right to bear arms, fallen troops sighn, the wars we have fought. 

The fallen troops sighn is the solders gun with the helmet on top and the boots on the ground. It represents the place were the troop died. It is to honor the troop while they are still battling. 
Rigt to bear arms Is the rift to bear firearms. You may own all the guns you want. I have About 10 guns. They are different cals. I think guns are for country people not city slicers. That is the second thing of freedom.

The wars we have fought. It has helped us learn about the war the protects our freedom. The freedom we have is from the troops. They fight for our freedom. They protect us with there lives that is the coolest thing ever.
Freedom to me is the war the right to bear arms and the fallen troop sign.