Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose your own adventure.

         In my english class we wrote a story it was call ''choose your own adventure'' it is called DIRT.  It is about country people and city slickers. They are war. It is really fun you should read it. You will really enjoy it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


                                                                   by Sam

                     I want to move to Alaska. I want to move to the forest and have my own homestead. There isn't a specific place all i want is a big peace of land. I would hunt and fish for food. That would be perfect for me. 
I will hunt moose bear deer. The best hunt will be slingshot squirrels and bbq them. I will hunt rabbit and other game. I will hunt from a blind. i will have a small hunting cabin to stay warm at night. 
I will find my own special fishing hole. I will fish from a boat or from the bank. I am gonna get deep sea rods. Im not a huge fish fan but i will eat it anyways. I would eat haring, salmon and a few others. 
Homesteading will be the best way to live there. You will have to work really hard. You will need to hay feed cows move cows feed the chickens fix stuff and ect. the hardest part would be the winter trying to stay warm you need a lot of wood. You have to keep the fire running all winter long. 

That is why you should move to Alaska. I told you plenty of great reasons why you should move to Alaska. If you want the perfect place to live move to Alaska!